SERVICE Space One's Space Transportation Services

At Any Time, In Any OrbitWith our dedicated launch vehicle “KAIROS” and our launch site “Spaceport Kii”, SPACE ONE will reduce the cost of access to space and contribute to the further expansion of the space business.

We have built our dedicated launch site “Spaceport Kii” in Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, on the southernmost point of Honshu island. With a location suitable for launching rockets open to the south and east, we can provide flexible services that meet the various needs of satellite launches.

Satellite Launch Capability Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO): 150 kg (inclination 97 degrees, altitude 500 km)
Low Earth orbit (LEO): 250 kg (inclination 33 degrees, altitude 500 km)
Launch Schedule Within 12 months from contract to launch (primary payload)
Delivery of satellites 4 days prior to launch
Cadences Number of launches: 20 (goal for the end of the 2020s)
First Launch Summer, 2023

Solid-Propellant Rocket Is Responsive and Low-Cost

A solid-propellant rocket can be stored in a loaded state and launched in a short period. In addition, the structure system is simple and the number of components is not large. Taking advantage of these characteristics, we aim to achieve the following:

  • The world’s shortest time from contract to launch (within one year) and the world’s highest frequency of launches (more than 20 per year).
  • Shortest launch operation
    • Launch in 7 days at the launch site
    • Launch in 4 days from receipt of satellite
  • Lower cost thanks to the simple and unique system

Innovation Through Cross-Industry Collaboration by Companies with Proven Experience

We achieve growth through innovation and management stability by collaboration between different industries:

  • Utilizing Canon Electronics’ know-how in mass production and cost reduction of consumer devices in rocket systems to achieve down-sizing, high functionality, and lower costs.
  • Utilizing IHI Aerospace’s know-how in solid rocket development and system integration to achieve high reliability.
  • Utilizing Shimizu Corporation’s know-how on various infrastructures required for space transportation services, in order to realize the first private-sector launch site in Japan.
  • Utilizing the know-how on equity finance accumulated through various investment projects held by the Development Bank of Japan to achieve management stability for long-term launch business.